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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Ian loves the dishwasher. Anytime he sees it open he makes a beeline for it. Sometimes I indulge him a little, but this morning he only wanted to take everything out at a rapid pace, which was frustrating because I was trying to put dirty dishes in. So I barricaded him in the living room with a box of diapers, a plastic tote, and a large basket of laundry. Usually this approach works and he just stands there voicing his displeasure, but today he felt a little more motivated and climbed over a basket of diapers and the box of diapers and the small tote all in one go. He then put his crawling into overdrive and just to spite me dumped out the fresh dish of cat water all over the floor and then proceeded to pull things out of the dishwasher all while yelling at me baby gibberish that I'm sure translate into obscenities of some sort.

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